bird  is your small, local neighborhood bar where soft tunes from cracky vinyls fills the room from hand build speakers and custom made hard ware. We love music and we surely adore vintage hard ware, but we are not super rich audiophiles. Expect good, clean and inspiring sound.

We treasure current and past jazz icons and our name is inspired by one of the greatest. But we are not a bar married to jazz music. We find inspiration in jazz music when picking different genres, but as children of the 70s, we surely pick up inspiration from different decades of jazz fuelled genres. This said - you might also find a bit of electro-poppy bronsky beats and a like now and then. 

With soothing tunes, we serve classic cocktails inspired in a modern style. Classic means in this case that we base our cocktail program on good, solid traditions of drinks making with a few decades of KH to draw from. Modern means current flavor profiles that are playfull and fun more than aristoctratic and boring. Flavor is king and we wanna inspire more than educate, so don't expect classic sours and egg white laced fruit martinis that we arrogantly render best in town. Our menu is heavily rotated and monthly changed. We batch all our drinks and we rarely use fresh citrus juice and added sugar. Expect a list of drinks where alcohol and good spirits are key.

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