We meet our client’s requirements of enjoying perfectly balanced cocktails with minimal or zero preparation.

Creating complex flavour combinations through perfect balance between alcohol level and flavour agents has solely been in the hands of professional bartenders. To balance perfect cocktails is a complex and refined craft that needs hours of commitment, insight and expert knowledge.

In bottled cocktails, it is possible to create and mirror this univers of perfectly crafted cocktails. Alcohol level, complexity and comfortability is created to reproduce the intensity we request from the professionel bar. 

Our focus is to recreate the taste aspects we normally enquire. A sparkling fresh Mojito must taste of crispy light rum served in perfect balance with light mint and ice cold freshly squeezed lime juice balanced via a pinch of cane sugar and refreshing bubbles from carbonised mineral water. To most people this scenario is impossible - or at best difficult - when constructing liquid refinements in your kitchen and private minibar.

Through fresh produce and flavour extractions in alcohol, we are capable of reproduce those lovely cocktail moments. Aesthetically, this is obtained via the correct level of ice, the right glass and the revitalising scent of refreshingly crisp mint. We are not covering demands for new Nordic fruit intoxicants or exotic alco-pops nor RTDs. Consumers requesting quality have created a flux of refined flavours in indulgence of spirits well crafted. With aromatic characters refined and subtle enough to be appreciated by the trained palate. We want balance and not über sweet fruit productions screaming for acidity and killing all the good stuff in the spirit.

Looking at current affairs and a tendency over the past 5 years, bars are selling far more ‘clean and crisp’ cocktails. Exotic juice intoxicants are still popular, but drinks with quality forward spirits and less sugar - both in added sugar and fruit sucrose is (nationally and certainly internationally) in greater demand. 

Our bottled cocktails are direct reflections of these current trends and future development.